palimpsest (2013)

Palimpsest is a site-specific new media installation that confuses the layers of memory, digital experience, and time inherent to place. The video below is documentation of a single cycle of the installation and serves as a sample of the work, which runs continuously throughout day.

Each cycle features the 1993 interview between Evangeline and her mother, Moreen Spracklin, about the possibilities of life after age four. 20 years later this interview exists on the projected layer of the gallery space. In addition to the interview, during each cycle the timecode of the projected video triggers the TV in the space to power on and play a VHS tape of Spracklin family home movies. Each cycle physically advances the tape and presents a new memory to the viewer, thus creating a varied rhythm.    

TOOLS: video, digital projection, ArduinoProcessingEAGLE, VHS, homewares 

Thank you to my classmates, friends, and mentors.


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